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Rarely do we get to pick our battles… Often, they choose us ~ Early Download ~ Autumn's Healing #PNR

I'm so excited to finally share Autumn's Healing. It's a little different for me. A side-step into the paranormal. 

Hot ex-military man, Jerusalem Aames, meets sexy single mom, Mikaylah MacDonough who is not only dealing with an empty nest for the first time, but an old house that needs some serious TLC. 

But things are not quite as they seem on the surface...


Rarely do we get to pick our battles… Often, they choose us.
Single mom Mikaylah MacDonough and her only daughter Autumn have been on their own a long time. So, when Autumn goes off to school, it seems only natural for Kaylah to pull up stakes and follow, though with some clear-cut boundaries, of course. She’s determined to give Autumn space to enjoy the whole college experience but remain close enough for emergencies, meals and laundry. But when the closing date of the current house overlaps with taking possession of the ‘new’ house, along with orientation week, Autumn has to go it alone. From that moment on, Kaylah’s dreams of a new beginning turn into a complete and total nightmare.
When former serviceman Jerusalem Aames drives up to the century-old Cleary house, he sees dollar signs for himself and his all-veteran crew. The rundown, old place would finally put his fledgling construction-renovation firm in the black. But the moment he meets the gorgeous homeowner who had been duped into buying the money-pit, his attraction is swift and instantaneous.
However, there’s something very strange going on in the dilapidated house that has nothing to do with rotting timbers or shoddy wiring. Whatever it is, it’s affecting Kaylah’s state of mind, and Salem finds himself in a battle he’s not sure he can win.

General Release Date: 16th May 2017
I hope you enjoy reading Autumn's Healing, as much as I did writing it. It's available right now as an Early Download exclusively at Totally Bound. Be one of the first to read it, a whole month before it hits general release.
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Sneak Peek: 
Salem pulled up in front of the century-old brick house. As he exited his pickup, he was already assessing the outside of the home. It needed work.  
He grabbed the ancient wood rail as he swung himself up onto the wrap-around porch. The elaborate railing-cap came off in his hand. 
“Shit!” He tried to replace it, but the dowel had rotted so badly, part of it still remained in the hole. Delicately, he set it on the rail, then rang the bell and waited. 
He knocked. 
For the longest time, there was no sound from within. No scurrying footsteps.  
Salem pulled out his cell phone and checked the time. “Yep, right on the dot.” 
He was about to pound on the door again, when it swung open and his stomach cartwheeled.  
“Sorry. I was upstairs. Without the doorbell hooked up, sometimes I don’t hear…” She stopped speaking, then a slow grin spread across her face as recognition dawned. 
“Hi, again.” Salem grinned at the gorgeous woman from the café. “I was looking for Mike MacDonough.” As soon as he said it, he was disappointed. This amazing-looking woman was obviously attached.  
“That’s me.” She stuck out her hand. “Mikaylah MacDonough.” She smiled, but, again, he noticed the merriment did not quite reach her eyes. “Or just Kaylah. But my daddy used to call me Mike. He wanted a boy.” 
Salem took her hand in his and the same undercurrent he’d noted at the restaurant shot up his arm again.  
“Yeah, I’m not calling you Mike.” He laughed. She looked nothing like a Mike. “I have a feeling you and I both spend way too much time explaining our unique monikers to strangers.”  
“Mmm, not so much. Mikaylah’s not that uncommon. The spelling of it? That’s another story. I’m interested to know the origin of yours, though.”  
“Mine’s easy. My parents went on a trip to Israel and nine months later…” 
“Ahhh, I see. But you prefer ‘Salem’?” 
“Well, I’d prefer something normal but ya deal, right?” He grinned. 
She chuckled and his belly fluttered at the sound. 
“I think I made out a whole lot better than my brother Florence, though.”  
She blinked, then laughed heartily. It took everything in him to keep a straight face. As her hilarity wound down, her lovely blue eyes rounded. “You’re kidding, right?” 
He couldn’t maintain it and cracked a smile. “I’m just foolin’. His real name is Sicily.” 
“Are you sure you’re a contractor and not just a really bad comedian.” 
“Hmm, bad, huh? I won’t give up my day job.” 
“I wouldn’t recommend it. So?” she began after an awkward pause. She tucked her thumbs into the front pockets of her shorts. It took all the willpower he had not to look down and admire her thighs and long, luscious legs.
Happy Reading
~ H K

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