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Book Tour + #Giveaway - Tales From the Storm: Vol 1 [A Collection of #Horror Stories] by C.R. Langille @CRLangille

Tales From the Storm: Vol 1
A Collection of Horror Stories 
C.R. Langille 

Genre: Horror

The storm rages on, leaving death and destruction in its path. With the chaos comes strange tidings and wicked ordeals.

From C.R. Langille, author of the Dark Tyrant Series comes a collection of weird and horrifying stories spanning all across history: the Spanish Conquest; the Old West; present day; and even a desolate, apocalyptic future.

Haunted hotel rooms, mysterious, mind-bending spots, infernal cargo, and misplaced wishes abound in this collection.

Stories Included:
The Spot
Brine & Blood
The Deep Well
All Aboard
The Scratch
Horishi Tom

Only one thing is certain when the storm passes by--nothing will ever be the same again.

**Read FREE with Kindle Unlimited!**

C.R. Langille has been searching the darkness for the ultimate scare for over a decade. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, he began crafting nightmares for others to enjoy. He and his family live in Utah. His stories can be found from Dark Fantasy Press, Dark Moon Books, Griffin Publishers, Fictionvale, Sirens Call Publications, and He's an avid hunter, martial-artist, table-top gamer, and amateur survivalist. He is an affiliate member of the Horror Writer's Association, a member of the League of Utah Writers, and received his MFA: Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University.

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Book Tour + #Giveaway - Dark Secrets Anthology - Nine Fall #RomanticSuspense Novels #99cents

Dark Secrets
Nine Fall Romantic Suspense Novels
Genre: Romantic Suspense
with stories by:
Stacy Eaton, Sharon Coady, Jude Ouvrard, Amy Manemann,
Angela Stevens, Pandora Spocks, Katie O' Sullivan, Chantel Rhondeau

As the leaves fall from the trees, so do secrets and tragedy. Just in time for Halloween, NINE brand-new romantic suspense novels for you to enjoy. From evil and death to overcoming odds and finding love in the most unusual places, these sweet to spicy full-length novels will keep you eerily entertained and on the edge of your seat for hours. Plus, watch for a common thread between the books, it just might be a little Spooky.

These nine books are brand-new, never before published and exclusive to this set for thirty days!

Secret Fantasies, Pleasure Your Fantasies Series, Book 3 written by USA Today Bestselling Author Stacy Eaton:

Can they figure out the secret before anyone else is killed?
When a Halloween Hayride goes completely awry, Doctor Heather Downey and her son are thrown into a confusing mystery that has something to do with her deceased husband and the case he was working on when he was killed two years before.

Even though Colin Holt is a seasoned officer, he’s new to the department and draws the short straw to be security at the local Haunted Attractions. When a young boy goes missing, Colin jumps all in to help Heather Downey figure out what’s going on.

Colin will enlist the help of his good friend Nick, and they will all seek refuge under Butch’s roof with the ever watchful A.I. Grace and the rest of the Pleasure Your Fantasies Gang in a suspenseful and sexy story.

Something Wicked This Way Comes written by Amazon International Bestselling Author Sharon Coady:

Some people are born bad. Others are made that way.

I was a combination of both.

At the age of twenty-seven, I was on my third husband. I had high hopes for this one, for us.

He didn't make me crazy at all. He made my heart happy.

Little did I know what was coming my way or how dangerous I was.

Little White Lies written by Amazon Bestselling Author Jude Ouvrard:

Sometimes lies are innocent but can’t be avoided.

When Hunter Reed’s longtime plans go awry following her college graduation, she has two choices. She can wallow in her grief, or she can get away from Utah, and the people who broke her.

Determined to escape the shadow of her parents and make it on her own terms, she lands her dream job at an up-and-coming graphic design company in Portland, packs her bags, and hits the road.

No sooner has Hunter arrived, than the adventures begin. With a new apartment, and learning her job comes with a private office—and a handsome boss who is her age—she settles in straight away, befriending neighbors and co-workers alike. Welcomed into the fold, the transition is smooth and easy.

Almost too easy.

Just when she gets comfortable with how perfect her life is going, an unforgettable Elvis at a costume party will make Hunter forget everything she was taught about propriety, leading to a night of drunken abandonment and dangerous encounters that will set in motion a web of little white lies which could undo everything she has worked so hard for.

Although Hunter finds herself facing two choices again, this time, her heart is on the line.

Romance by the Book written by Amazon International Bestselling Author Amy Manemann:

Cool, Autumn nights lead to lingering heat, but can they solve a mystery in time?

Romance novelist and single-mother, Chloe Marshall, has never had a problem writing characters who fall in love and live happily-ever-after. That is until a severe case of writers-block cramps her style. Moving back to her hometown for a fresh start seems like just the ticket to get those creative juices flowing again—of course, running into her former classmate-turned-town-hunk, Graham Baxter, doesn't hurt either.

When his work supplies start to go missing, Graham falls behind on the stage build for the fall festival, and Chloe steps in to lend the hunky contractor a hand. Things between them heat up as the autumn nights cool down, and Chloe and Graham soon find themselves wrapped up in a mystery that is more than it seems.

The Devil’s Own written by Amazon International Bestselling Author Angela Stevens:

It’s not every day a priest confronts the devil in his confessional.

Bowker Street Devil gang members, Ryker and his sister, Cassidy, are out on a routine job when she screws up big time. Almost triggering a war with another rival gang, Cassidy is no longer able to stay out of view of the Devils’ gang leader, Kane Munch. When he threatens to make Ryker pay for her mistake, Cassidy agrees to go willingly to his bed to save her brother.

But Ryker has sworn to protect his sister, and he hatches a plan to get them both out of the Devils gang for good. Enlisting the help of father Liam, a catholic priest with a past and secrets of his own, Ryker plans to steel Kane Munch’s little black book and turn state evidence, in return for new identities. But when the handsome priest discovers the beautiful runaway Devil, hiding in his church, temptation and secrets threatens all their futures.

Ghost in the Machine written by Amazon Bestselling Author Katie O’Sullivan:

A little black book can ruin lives—or get you killed.

A missing black book that can take down Beacon Hill… and the ghost who holds the answers.

Massachusetts State Trooper Jack MacDonald sees the world in black and white. Good guys versus bad guys. Crank up the speed, take the ticket. But life isn’t always so simple. When a road crew finds a dead junkie stuffed in a trash bag, Jack’s drawn into a world of shadows where nothing is as simple as it seems.

Maggie McNeil lives in those shadows. Her sister might be the infamous Beacon Hill Madam, but Maggie just wants to stay under the radar and finish college. After her sister’s suspicious death, Maggie finds her own life endangered because of a missing ledger filled with names and numbers. It’s the kind of information that can crush dreams and ruin lives.

Or get you killed.

That Spooktacular Kiss written by USA Today Bestselling Author Tamara Ferguson:

Growing up together in Crystal Rock, Wisconsin, Ashley Mitchum & Brian O’Neill have been at odds for years. Conniving and sometimes cruel when she doesn’t get her way, Ashley is someone Brian doesn’t want to feel attracted to.

Ashley’s the first one to admit she’s been spoiled rotten by her family. Brian has interfered with every relationship she’s ever had, but yet, she’s never had the courage to tell him off.

"It’s the summer after high school graduation, and one more week before Ashley will be moving to California for college, while Brian will be entering the army, The dynamic of their relationship suddenly changes when they share a haunting kiss.

Ashley finally realizes she’s been avoiding admitting her feelings for Brian because she’d have to make a serious commitment. But Brian is determined to make her understand they belong together, despite splitting up and focusing on careers.

But tragedy strikes when a Ponzi scheme is exposed, the accused being none other than Ashley’s father, who’s supposedly run away with Brian’s mother.

Forced apart by circumstances, Ashley and Brian are fatefully reunited in Crystal Rock ten years later. Will unveiling their families’ dark family secrets heal two wounded hearts?

Midnight Cove written by Pandora Spocks:

They say still waters run deep.

In the tiny lakeside town of Midnight Cove, still waters harbor dark secrets.

Writer Bree Blaylock just wants a chance to catch her breath. Having finally escaped an abusive relationship, she’s relieved to have found a quiet place to finish writing her new book.

From the moment she arrives, she realizes that she’s not alone in her rented cottage on the lake. But she’s okay with that. In her experience, the living are always more dangerous than the dead.

Meeting handsome local lawman Jake Hanson wasn’t even remotely on her radar. But now that she has, maybe it’s time to take another chance on love.

But can he keep her safe when the past comes calling?

Hunting Love written by Amazon Bestselling Author Chantel Rhondeau:

Ghosts aren’t the ones hunted on this tour—someone wants Zoe’s life. Travis craves her heart.

After a laboratory explosion killed her three coworkers, Zoe Blaine’s life has taken a turn for the bizarre. Handed a portable hard drive in secret by her boss moments before the accident, Zoe is unable to figure out the password. Considering she’s had many near-fatal accidents since then, Zoe’s more than happy to join a two-week ghost hunting tour with her bestie—anything to escape the oddness around her, even if she doesn’t believe in ghosts.

The moment the leader of the ghost hunting tour spots Zoe, he can’t take his eyes off her. Finding out she’s a skeptic and a scientist is a total turn on. When Travis McMann delves under the surface and learns more about her, the connections between their pasts are hard to ignore. After he realizes the explosion at her workplace wasn’t an accident, Travis vows to stick by her side to stop the dastardly plot which started the entire situation. It’s not going to be easy. The people they’re fighting will do anything to stop Zoe. Permanently.

These nine books are brand-new, never before published and exclusive to this set for thirty days!
**Only 99 cents!!**

**scroll through the slideshow to find out more about the authors!!**

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Book Tour + #Giveaway - Girl Gone Home [Twisted Crime, bk 3] by Kathleen O' Donnell @authorkodonnell #PsychologicalThriller

Girl Gone Home
Twisted Crime Book 3
Kathleen O' Donnell

Genre: Psychological Thriller 

The Best Book I've Read This Year! I just finished it and I loved it! It has more twists and turns than a roller coaster. This book would make an amazing movie, but the book will always be better. I can't wait to see what she writes next! – Rena, five-star review on Amazon.

From two-time Book of the Year finalist and Thriller of the Year Award winner Kathleen O’Donnell comes a gripping psychological thriller filled with quirky, unexpected twists.

A girl in serious trouble

Delilah Diamond had it all, the popular cooking show, a dream house, and a great romance with her producer, until the producer’s wife gets wind of it all. Delilah loses her show, her job, and her house. She’s forced to go back to her hometown where everyone has skeletons in their closet—or worse.

A home not like any other

She arrives just in time for the unfortunate death of her high school crush, but senses something's wrong with the story of his demise. Before she realizes it, she's knee-deep in a past that almost crushed her years before, and could very well crush her now, for good.

A mother who keeps sordid secrets

Local law enforcement is a homegrown drunk, and useless, so someone higher up the food chain sends a big city detective who starts sniffing around her classmate's suspicious death and her mother’s past. Delilah’s protective hackles are raised. She knows her mother has shameful secrets, but the more she learns, the more she realizes she doesn’t know the whole story.

A hometown that comes together, even in crime

In small towns, you protect your family and your neighbors come what may, but will Delilah be able to protect her mother without exposing her own sins? The ones she worked so hard to cover up? Will she be able to deter the detective away from the truth?

You can't go home again. Or can you? Should you? How safe is home when you know where the bodies are buried?

Girl Gone Home is ultimately a story about love, family, loyalty and circling the wagons no matter what terrible crime's been committed. It’s quirky, heartfelt, and reminiscent of Dolores Claiborne and the works of Kate Atkinson, Jane Hamilton, and Janet Evanovich.

Goodreads * Amazon

Kathleen O’Donnell is a wife, mom, grandmother and a recovering blogger. She currently lives in Nevada with her husband. She is a two time Book of the Year finalist for her debut novel The Last Day for Rob Rhino. You can find short stories and blog posts on her website.

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Book Tour + #Giveaway - What Heals the Heart [Cowbird Creek, bk 1] by Karen A. Wyle @KarenAWyle #Western #HistoricalRomance

What Heals the Heart 
Cowbird Creek Book 1
Karen A. Wyle 

Genre: Western Historical Romance

Joshua Gibbs survived the Civil War, building on his wartime experiences to become a small town doctor. And if he wakes from nightmares more often than he would like, only his dog Major is there to know it.

Then two newcomers arrive in Cowbird Creek: Clara Brook, a plain-speaking and yet enigmatic farmer’s daughter, and Freida Blum, an elderly Jewish widow from New York. Freida knows just what Joshua needs: a bride. But it shouldn’t be Clara Brook!

Joshua tries everything he can think of to discourage Freida’s efforts, including a wager: if he can find Freida a husband, she’ll stop trying to find him a wife. Will either matchmaker succeed? Or is it Clara, despite her own scars, who can heal the doctor’s troubled heart?

Karen A. Wyle was born a Connecticut Yankee, but eventually settled in Bloomington, Indiana, home of Indiana University. She now considers herself a Hoosier. Wyle's childhood ambition was to be the youngest ever published novelist. While writing her first novel at age 10, she was mortified to learn that some British upstart had beaten her to the goal at age 9.

Wyle is an appellate attorney, photographer, political junkie, and mother of two daughters. Her voice is the product of almost five decades of reading both literary and genre fiction. It is no doubt also influenced, although she hopes not fatally tainted, by her years of law practice. Her personal history has led her to focus on often-intertwined themes of family, communication, the impossibility of controlling events, and the persistence of unfinished business.

Author Links 

$20 Amazon
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'Tis the season for all things spooky... and a #Sale - Follow the haunting Lustful Possession Saga - Travel through time and unravel the mystery of Cairnnon Castle

For the month of October find all of my eXtasy Books on Sale including fan fave mafia romantic suspense, The Always Cambridge Series; Editor's Choice, historical romance, The Devil Take You; AND the haunting Lustful Possession Saga.  A perfectly haunting read that'll get you in the mood for all hallows' eve.

Though this collection of short stories is predominantly dark erotic paranormal—at times verging on horror—it runs the gamut in sub-genres and eras—from contemporary to historical time-travel, and back again. Please note: the series also incorporates both m/f and m/m couplings, plus some multi-partner interaction.

A seemingly harmless paranormal investigation sparks a series of haunting events that ultimately sends an international team of supernatural investigators to Ireland and to one of the most haunted destinations in all of Europe.

Travel Through Time and Unravel the Mystery of Cairnnon Castle 

Part 1 - Meet Me in the Dark
(m/f, paranormal, erotic, contemporary, ghosts, possession)

Crishtin Davenport thought she was attending a simple Halloween event—a good scare to get the blood pumping. Little does she know her actions that night would unleash an ancient evil.

Part 2 - Dark Foursome
(m/f, paranormal, erotic, contemporary, ghosts, possession)

A foursome takes on a whole new aspect when a fledgling couple, is hijacked by two randy spirits, who then use their corporeal bodies to recapture the sexual pleasures they enjoyed while inhabiting the physical world.

The saga takes a sudden medieval time-travel twist in Part 3 - The Fall of Cairnnon Castle
(m/f, time-travel, Ireland, historical, paranormal, dark erotic, verging on horror)

Cairnnon Castle is one of the most haunted places on earth and home to one of the most evil entities ever documented. When an enthusiastic troop of paranormal investigators descends on the ancient stronghold, all hell breaks loose.

Meet the O'Cairnnon's - a fate most do not survive

Part 4 - Rising From the Darkness
(m/m, paranormal, erotic, contemporary)

U.S. paranormal investigators return to Ireland to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Fall of Castle Cairnnon. But what they find instead might set the paranormal community on it’s collective ear.

Part 5 - Dark Seed
(paranormal, erotic, contemporary, m/f story with m/m interaction)

The investigators' astonishing discovery at Castle Cairnnon, can only be described as a miracle. 

Or is one blessing, just another curse.

Part 6 - Bending Darkness
(m/f, paranormal, erotic, time-travel, historical)

The Cairnnon curse threatens to turn one woman's dreams of happily-ever-after into a hellish nightmare.

And Part 7 - Dark Defeat - The stunning conclusion to the Lustful Possession saga
(paranormal, dark erotic, time-travel, historical, an m/f story with f/f and m/f/f interaction)

Hell-bent on saving her children, a mother will stop at nothing to defeat the evil that stalks her family, or at the very least, she’ll die trying.

Evil never gambled on battling one pissed off mother!

Please be aware: This erotic paranormal collection of short stories contains both mf  &  mm pairings, & cliff-hangers. Installments must be read in order.

Enjoy this excerpt from Part 2 - Dark Foursome

Almost every night of the following week, Josh and Crish connected over Skype. Right or wrong, she kept searching for a glimpse of Miles. It was difficult, as she’d developed some pretty strong feelings for both men. 

Strangely, though, every time Crish laid eyes on Josh, she was taken aback by his rapidly declining appearance. 

“Josh, are you all right?” 

“I’m fine,” he snapped. “You ask me that every night. You’ll get the same answer.” 

“Okay,” she responded, cautiously. “You just look a little haggard. Are you not sleeping well?” 

His eyes were red rimmed and watery looking. His dark hair stuck up at odd angles, as if he’d been running his hands through it. His sculpted features were gaunt and hollow, just in the few short days since his and Arnie’s departure. 

Out of her line of sight, he reached for something. She soon realized he had a tumbler full of amber liquid. Inhaling deeply, he then tossed the drink back in one swallow. His breath whistled through his teeth. 

“Now, what were you bitching about?” His head wobbled a little from side to side as if that hadn’t been his first alcoholic beverage of the evening. 

Pissed by his behavior, Crish grabbed the computer mouse. “You know what, Josh, the good thing about the first few weeks of a new relationship is you learn so much about the other person. Especially when they relax, you know, and let their guard down and truly start acting like themselves. Instead of putting on airs to impress. And I’ve learned you’re a dick. Another cool thing is, I don’t have to put up with it. I’m out!” With great satisfaction, she clicked the sign out button and pushed back her office chair. 

For the next hour, he kept trying to re-engage her on the social site, but she ignored all the alerts. 

A little while later, Crish’s best friend Lana called. 

“Hey, Crish,” Lana greeted. Her tone lacked its usual cheerfulness. 

“Hi, Lana. How’s things?” Crish asked. 

“All right, I guess. Have you talked to Josh at all this week?” 

“Pfff, yeah,” Crish scoffed. “You? To Arnie?” 

“Yes, but he seems really... um, I don’t know, I can’t quite put my finger on it. First of all, he looks awful.” 

A cold tingling worked its way over the back of Crish’s neck. 

“And he’s really abrupt with me. Almost angry. He’s not at all like that, either. And I know I haven’t done anything.” She sighed. 

“That’s kinda weird, Lana. I hung up on Josh about an hour ago. He was being a complete ass. I don’t need his shit.” She had her own problems to deal with. “He’d been drinking, though. But he also looks like hell. His eyes are all...” 

“Red rimmed?” Lana’s voice rose. 

“Yes. Arnie’s too?” 

“Yeah. I’m worried, Crish.” 

“I’m sure they’re fine,” Crish reassured her friend. “They’re most likely suffering some jet lag. They’re working hard and in a foreign city. It can’t be easy. Let alone documenting whatever they’re investigating.” 

“That’s just it. Do you know anything about the place?”

“Not really. Some castle in Ireland. O’Conner, O’Carroll... something like that.” She shrugged. 

“O’Cairnnon.” Lana stated, and an all-out shiver raced up Crishtin’s spine. “Cairnnon Castle. Arnie was so excited. He’s always wanted to go there. It’s one of the most haunted places in the world, you know. Number two on the top ten most haunted list.” 

“No, I didn’t,” Crish answered.

“I’ve been doing some research on line. I don’t like what I’ve found. I’m afraid for him. For both of them. There are actual documented apparitions there. And one of them is malevolent. They call it Bás a thagann. It means death comes.” 

This time Crish physically shuddered, though she tried to alleviate Lana’s unease. 

“They’ll be fine. Arnie knows what he’s doing. And aren’t they with an international team of highly regarded paranormal investigators, Lan?” Crish did her best to reassure her friend. But deep down, after what she and Josh had just been through, Crish was not so confident. 

Arnie might know his stuff, but Josh was still learning. And the glaring mistakes he’d made at the Allen house, plus with Shelley and Miles, just proved his inexperience. Josh had said himself that he’d made an error by convincing her to welcome the spirit couple to use their human bodies. 

“Arnie asked me to accompany him before he left, and he’s still pressuring me to meet him in Ireland. I’m thinking of going, Crish. Besides, he’s got this new little intern that he keeps talking about. She’s with the international crew. I think we should check her out, being around our men folk and all. Wanna join me?” 

The prospect of a vacation should have been an exciting idea, but the dread Crish felt in her stomach coupled with the anxiety in her friend’s voice made the whole plan less than appealing. 

Using work as an excuse, Crish begged off. After that Lana seemed in a hurry to get off the phone and bid a hasty good-bye. 

Crish wandered over to her desktop computer to research Cairnnon Castle. She clicked on the first result the search-engine displayed. 

She read aloud. “The stronghold of Cairnnon is one of the most haunted destinations in the Celtic regions, home to one of the most active and malevolent spirits ever documented. The locals have dubbed the entity Bás a thagann. Loosely translated, it means simply death comes. Fantastic,” she added dryly. 

Scrolling further she read on, “The castle’s past is quite horrific and brutal, but also shrouded in mystery and conjecture. A mass poisoning annihilated the majority of the O’Cairnnon sept. The culprit of this heinous crime was never found. Yet the legend attributes the downfall of Cairnnon to Bás. No one seems to know for sure how or why the archfiend came to reside in the keep.” 

Crish reached for the little silver crucifix she always wore on a chain around her neck. 

“Cairnnon Castle sits abandoned now, except for thrill seekers, paranormal investigators, and demon worshippers.” 

Crish cleared her dry throat, then kept reading. 

“People who’ve spent any time at the castle often complain of depression, fatigue, despair, bursts of anger, panic attacks, night terrors, skin crawls, and red rimmed eyes.” 

Shit! Josh is exhibiting several of those symptoms. 

“Since 1976, fourteen unexplained deaths have been accredited to Bás. The locals blame the entity, of course, reckoning the poor souls were quite literally scared to death. 

“In conclusion, this thing is evil, unpredictable and horrifying. It makes one consider—could Cairnnon be, perhaps not the gates, but the epicenter of hell.”  

Crish shuddered as she exited the site. She was not just nauseous—true fear had wound its way into every fiber of her being.

© H K Carlton

For a +18 adult excerpt hop on over to Pick a Genre Already, for a teaser from Part 3 - The Fall of Cairnnon Castle, and for a more disturbing teaser click over to Pick a Genre for an extract from book 4 - Rising from the Darkness


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Book Tour + #Giveaway - The Paladin Princess Series - by Samaire Provost @samaireherself #EpicFantasy

The Pirates of Moonlit Bay 
The Paladin Princess Book 1 
 Samaire Provost 

Genre: Epic Fantasy

They took her freedom: now it's personal.

They assaulted her best friend.

They stole her dignity and enslaved her, stripped her of everything she loved, and ground her into the dirt.

Now it's sweet payback time.

Jack Ryan meets The Princess Bride in this epic fantasy thriller.

They think they know her; they think they can best her.

They have no idea what they've unleashed.

She's going to teach them a lesson they will never forget.

The first in the addictive, action-packed Paladin Princess series, The Pirates of Moonlit Bay features never-see-it-coming twists and razor-sharp dialogue.

Charlotte has never been one to play by the rules. When kidnapped by pirates on a ship pulled by giant manta rays, she is fearless in facing her deadly adversaries. She must fight for her life against ruthless enemies and fantastic beasts, while being thrust into a world of supernatural alchemy.

Move over Hunger Games and Game of Thrones, there's a new epic fantasy thriller in town and it's non-stop, pulse-pounding action!

"The amazing, can't-put-it-down fantasy thriller readers have been raving about. 

Gripping & action-packed, it will swallow you whole." 

"If you love to root for the underdog and have a craving for high paced action, then this book is for you!!"

Don't miss this electrifying supernatural fantasy thriller! 


The Pirate Queen
The Paladin Princess Book 2

The Book of Mysteries.

According to legend, it holds the lost knowledge of all mankind. 

Charlotte wants it. Badly.

She has her trusty troupe, a treasure map, and a worthy ship. But will that be enough?

The map can’t even begin to hint at what awaits them as they descend a rocky staircase into the heart of a volcano ...

Friendships will be tested.

Lives will be on the line.

They will face challenges even more deadly than the dreaded kraken.

And they will face questions. Questions that go to the heart of their mission – and the core of their souls ...

What do you believe?

Who do you care about most?

Are you worthy?

Worthy to obtain the Book of Mysteries. Within its pages lie the secrets to navigating the stars and curing deadly diseases.

But can they retrieve it before they wind up dead themselves?

Find out in the exciting sequel to The Pirates of Moonlit Bay, Book 2 of The Paladin Princess series.

The Lost Treasure 
The Paladin Princess Book 3

Decaying corpses of powerful sirens float in the sea, forming a grisly trail toward the horror that killed them.

Mermaids whisper about a new threat in the ocean, a menace that imperils all the denizens of the waters, from Swerighe, to Alkebulan, to all the undiscovered seas.

Charlotte and her troupe, searching for clues, hear whispers of a secret treasure that might be connected to the siren deaths. An aged merman who has traveled farther than any other, reveals to them the tale of a strange, strange land:

“There is a faraway land, full of steep mountains, and dangerous creatures. The forest surrounding the tallest mountain is home to a multitude of dread monsters, each more terrifying than the last, who hunger for the flesh of unsuspecting travelers foolish enough to venture into their realm. At the apex of this tall peak, which rises twenty thousand feet, past deadly glaciers and a river of fire, is a sanctuary watched over by a forgotten order of mystics skilled in the art of battle and devastation. In the rear of the sanctuary is a passage that leads into the mountain, and deep into the heart of the Earth. At its end are catacombs guarded by a beast so dreadful that minds will go mad at the sight of it. The door to the catacombs can only be accessed by defeating the beast that guards it. Inside, concealed by a hideous shroud and an ancient poison, lies the lost treasure of El Dorado.”

The Pirate Prince 
The Paladin Princess Book 4

The land is dying.

Great swaths of the northlands are growing warmer at an alarming rate.

Wildlife is suffering.

Monsters from the realm of fable and legend are being released from the glaciers, attacking villages.

And something – SOMETHING has caused this.

A great evil has emerged from the ice and lain this curse upon the land.

Charlotte’s parents – the queen and prince consort of Swerighe – have been abducted, and the land is in an uproar. Only Charlotte and her troupe can save the day.

But this evil is desperate to survive.

It will stop at nothing to take what it wants.

And it wants her baby.

Samaire Provost grew up in a lot of different places, and now happily resides on the

East Coast of America, laboring away at writing stories every day. She is an animal lover with far too many pets, yet she still muses how she’d like to add even more. A lover of all things night and gothic, she also loves to read and reread her favorite books. Owned by a cat named Tyrion, she can be found haunting the shadows and mists that hang low over the hills of southern Virginia.

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