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#Sale Blitz - A Miracle Mountain Christmas by @ciaratknight #Romance

Title: A Miracle Mountain Christmas
Author: Ciara Knight
Genre: Sweet Romance


After seven years of separation, ex-couple Mason Harrington and Savannah Blake are thrust together to save their loved one’s dreams. But can old wounds from tragic loss, accusations of murder, and running away ever mend? It will take a miracle on the mountain to heal their hearts and reunite these childhood sweethearts.

Ciara Knight writes with a ‘Little Edge and a Lot of Heart’ with her contemporary and paranormal romance books. Her most recent #1 Amazon bestselling series, Sweetwater County, has topped the charts and received acclaimed reviews. Her international best-seller, Pendulum scored 4 stars from RT Book Reviews, accolades from InD’Tale Magazine and Night Owl Top Pick. Her young adult paranormal series, Battle for Souls, received 5 stars from Paranormal Romance Guild and Night Owl’s Top Pick, among other praises.

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Monday, 28 November 2016

2016 Readers' Choice Awards @evernightpub The No Frat Clause is a finalist! Best in Contemporary! Chance to win $50 GC

I'm so excited! 
The No Frat Clause is a finalist in the 
Best in

I would certainly appreciate your votes! There are so many other deserving authors and books on the list as well. Once you've completed the awards selection leave your name and email address for a chance to win a $50 Evernight Publishing gift certificate.


Naughty Office Romance - The No Frat Clause - Best in Contemporary Finalist 

Fresh out of college, Lexi Wideman lands an entry level job at a lucrative recruiting firm. Only six months into her tenure, she’s offered a major promotion—executive assistant to Roger Kent, the company’s coveted corporate headhunter. Older, irresistible, and ruggedly handsome, Roger Kent turns her into a liquid pool of need with just one smoldering glance. But the opportunity is just too good to pass up this early in her career. Lexi must find a way to remain professional while panting after her boss.

Roger Kent is thrown off guard when the company execs all of a sudden decide he needs an assistant. Perhaps he does, but Lexi Wideman is not the girl for him. She's smart, young, and gorgeous. It's hard enough trying to keep his eyes off her. Working in such close proximity, day after day, it would only be a matter of time before his hands followed. 

So much for the NØ Frat Policy. 

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Contemporary category 😉
Voting is open until November 30th
Thank you, Readers

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#Freebie Book Blitz - Descent #YAFantasy Stacey Rourke @Rourkewrites

Title: Descent
Author: Stacey Rourke
Genre: YA Fantasy


It's been two years since the lion roared ... the eagle flew ... and the fated Celtic warrior embraced her destiny. Now, with an unknown darkness swirling and the body count rising, the world needs a hero more than ever. A new battle is brewing. Who will answer the call to war? The time has come. The stage is set. And the Garretts are back in a brand new novella. Descent; The Gryphon Series Resurrection, Coming in Spring 2016. It's hard to keep a bad pirate down...  

RONE Award Winner for Best YA Paranormal Work of 2012 for Embrace, a Gryphon Series Novel

Young Adult and Teen Reader voted Author of the Year 2012
Turning Pages Magazine Winner for Best YA book of 2013 & Best Teen Book of 2013 

Stacey Rourke is the author of the award winning YA Gryphon Series, the chillingly suspenseful Legends Saga, and the romantic comedy Adapted for Film. She lives in Michigan with her husband, two beautiful daughters, and two giant dogs. She loves to travel, has an unhealthy shoe addiction, and considers herself blessed to make a career out of talking to the imaginary people that live in her head. 

Visit her at 
or on Twitter or instagram at Rourkewrites.
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#Freebie Book Blitz #Fantasy Chronicles of Ave by Stephen Zimmer @SGZimmer @agarcia6510

Title: Chronicles of Ave
Author: Stephen Zimmer
Genre: Fantasy
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR


Escape into the wonders of Ave in this first collection of short stories featuring the fantastical world from the Fires in Eden Series by Stephen Zimmer.

“Into Glory Ride” tells the story of a young Trogen Warrior who is called to go up against insurmountable odds when an Elven raid strikes his homeland. The Trogens have only begun training winged steeds for combat, but time is of the essence and a momentous choice has to be made by the young warrior.

In “A Touch of Serenity” a conscript laborer working on a massive wall constructed under the orders of the Divine Emperor begins to hear ghostly voices asking for help. His response leads him on a journey that will test his courage, wisdom, and compassion.

In “Moonlight’s Grace” a young man goes to help his people when a Midragardan raid strikes Gael. He seeks to prove his worth to the chieftain whose daughter he loves with all his heart.

The novella-length “Winter’s Embrace” follows a warrior-monk into the depths of dangerous woodlands in the heart of winter. There he will find his faith tested in ways he never anticipated, when he must help a forest witch against an enigmatic, immortal being known as the Undying.

“Lion Heart” introduces the heroic Sigananda of the Amazu people, who must confront things that transcend the laws of the physical world when powerful Wizards threaten his homeland.

In “Land of Shadow” a knight who is part of a band of Avanoran mercenaries discovers how perilous the mysterious Shadowlands are when they undertake a journey to locate a site to build a fortress.

A world of wonder beckons to be explored and fantasy enthusiasts are invited along for the journey in these half-dozen stories from the world of Ave!

Also be sure to take further adventures in Ave in the Fires in Eden Series, beginning with Crown of Vengeance, Book One!

Award-winning author and filmmaker Stephen Zimmer is based out of Lexington, Kentucky. His works include the Rising Dawn Saga, the Fires in Eden Series, the Hellscapes and Chronicles of Ave short story collections, the Harvey and Solomon steampunk stories, and the Rayden Valkyrie Tales. Stephen currently resides in Lexington, Kentucky.

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Pre-Order Now Only .99¢ In the Flesh - Now a stand-alone, previously part of the Ladies Only Anthology

Pre-Order Now at Amazon Only .99¢
Check out that cover! Isn't it gorgeous!

Cover by Emmy Ellis at Pride Publishing

This story is part of the Ladies Only Anthology, 
now available as a stand-alone

Check out this awesome Review from Arlyna 

Holy Hotness. This short story was erotic, sensual and I loved it!!! Who needs cops and robbers, when you have cops and dancers!!!

ATF Agent Kathrin Benson is sent undercover with her partner Mike to help take down a huge Mob Boss. All they are told is that other government agencies are involved. Some so deep they have been undercover for years.

Getting hired at a dance bar (Strip Club) owned by Mr Travino the mob boss, allows Kate opportunity to get Intel. While working she falls for the main dancer, Carly, who is also the one in charge of all the dancers and girls at the bar. Carly is the only dancer who doesn't get naked on stage , but brings in the biggest crowd.

One of the dancers is quickly replaced with Kate for a huge dance number with Carly. They have one day to practice. The chemistry is off the charts and the dance practice is so hot!

I want so much more!!! I pray that the rest of H.K. Carlton 's work is like this.

To read the entire review click HERE
This review was done for the antho

Purchase In the Flesh as a stand-alone now 
for only .99¢ Amazon

Lesbian, Erotic, Romance

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Early Download - In the Flesh - Now a standalone - previously part of the Ladies Only Antho #lesfic

In the Flesh is now available as a stand-alone story and up for early download at Pride Publishing. You can own it now exclusively from Pride, before it hits the virtual vendor shelves next month. And how 'bout that cover! Drool-worthy! A massive thank you to the multi-talented, Emmy Ellis, for this beauty. 

This story is also available as a part of the Ladies Only Anthology along with stories from Lucy Felthouse, RA Padmos, Cari Z and Helena Maeve. More cover love for, Emmy! 

Working undercover, nothing is ever as it seems…  

Assigned the unenviable task of taking down the untouchable Travino crime family, undercover ATF Agent Kate Benson and her veteran partner Mike Pennington are thrown into the seedy underworld of organized crime. 

Kate is asked to draw on her past experience as a dancer and infiltrate one of Travino’s skin clubs, In the Flesh. 

Posing as Vivienne, Kate meets exotic dancer Carly. From the moment they first dance together, she can’t seem to keep her mind or her greedy hands off the dynamic dancer. Together they sizzle on stage and off. She soon realizes she’s falling for Carly but knows from past experience that beginning a relationship built on half-truths is a recipe for failure. 

As Kate attempts to straddle the line between doing her job and being as honest as she can be with Carly, while still maintaining her cover, Kate and Mike are caught snooping around the club after hours by none other than the mob boss himself. 

And Kate knows there’s not a two-step in the world that can save them now. 

Download Now at Pride Publishing

‘Worth a Shot’ by Cari Z
‘The Woman Next Door’ by Helena Maeve
‘The Tiny Blue House’ by R.A. Padmos
‘In the Flesh’ by HK Carlton
‘Window Dressing’ by Lucy Felthouse 

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Book Tour + Giveaway - Before She Became a Lady by Wareeze Woodson

We are pleased to be part of the book tour for BEFORE SHE BECAME A LADY by Wareeze Woodson
Before She Became a Lady Cover
Genre: Historical Romance with Suspense Publication Date: July 30, 2016
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Laurel Collingsworth, seventeen and deeply in love, expects to marry her hero and live in wedded bliss forever after. Instead, with the ink barely dry on the marriage lines, Lord Robert Laningham is called away to Spain and the war. With a heavy heart, she sends her husband off with a kiss and a prayer for his safe return.
Now alone in her new role of Lady Laningham, she faces a series of terrifying events, shadowy intruders, missing jewelry, and mysterious footfalls in the night. Added to her alarms, she must fight her hostile sister-in-law for the reigns of her husband’s establishment.
When Lord Robert Laningham returns, can she convince him danger stalks the halls of the ancient mansion? In his wounded state, will he listen or must she protect her child, her recovering husband, and her household by herself?
Grab your copy of Before She Became a Lady! Available at:


Join Before She Became a Lady giveaway contest! Contest runs until November 9, 2016. You could be one of three lucky winners of a $10 Gift Card
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- - - - -

Excerpt from Before She Became a Lady

After dark fell, Laurel rarely used the main stairs if she could avoid it. Even now, she could picture the culprit making his way down the front steps. She straightened her shoulders and slowly descended towards the lower regions of the house.

She entered the kitchen and found the warmth inviting. The faint odor of onions and garlic lingered in the large room, and a gooseberry pie sat in the center of the table. Holding her candle high, she debated. The pie appeared tasty, but she had a desire for pickles. She skirted around the scrubbed table to enter the still-room off the scullery. Raiding the shelves, she collected a crock of pickles and a wedge of cheese.

When she carried her treasures back into the kitchen, a puff of wind rattled against the door, not fully shut. The wind hadn’t pushed the door open, but she noticed it wasn’t on the latch either. Tentatively, she pushed the door closed and clicked the lock into place. Tomorrow she must remind Stokes of his duty to secure all the windows and doors in the establishment. After discovering an unlocked door, her appetite faded. She quickly laid the cheese aside and carried the pickles with her.

The soft ticking of the longcase clock, the darkness of the hall with the flickering of her candle to displace the gloom, and her own shadow kept her company on her way back to her chamber. The faint glow cast by the banked coals in the library grate filtered into the hall from the door left slightly ajar. A shadow crawled out of the crack between the door and the frame piercing the opposite wall before slithering back into the room. Her heart slammed into her ribs. Someone was in the library stealthily moving around. She pinched out the flame on her candle and the smell of candlewax rose up in her face. Her throat closed and she froze in place. Could she make it to the servant’s quarters to raise the alarm?

She whisked around to retrace her steps, but the library door slammed against the wall and the stomp of heavy boots sounded behind her. She broke into a run, reaching the stairs, but in her flight, she dropped the crock filled with pickles. The crockery shattered against the steps and the lid rolled into the darkness rattling to a stop on the stone floor below. The smell of pickle juice exploded in the stairwell a moment before a hard shove sent her downward. She screamed and tumbled forward, spiraling into oblivion.

About Wareeze Woodson

I am a native of Texas and still live in this great state. I write period romance tangled with suspense. I married my high school sweetheart, years and years ago. We raised four children and have eight grandchildren, and grandchildren are Grand. At the moment, all my children and my grandchildren live within seventy miles of our home, lots of visits. My husband and I still love each other after all these years the stuff romance is made of, Happy Ever After!
Visit the official Website of Wareeze Woodson:
Connect with Wareeze Woodson on social media: Facebook | Twitter

Before She Became a Lady on Tour

Get more tidbits and info on Before She Became a Lady from the sites below, and get more chances to win the giveaway contest!

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The Starred Review - Review, Character Profile
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Book Unleashed

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My Oktoberfest Escapade by Jewel Quinlan [Holiday Ever After Anthology] Short Stories ~ Various Authors


Baby, it’s cold outside! Come snuggle up with Holiday Ever After, a collection of 15 stories filled with love and passion sure to put you in the holiday spirit.

Get tangled up with a Regency tavern wench, your own Mr. Scrooge, or the ghosts of Christmases past and present. Open your home and your heart to visitors from far away. Is your secret Santa a Navy SEAL, a handsome jock, or an artist? Perhaps you’d like to ring in the holidays with that office party hottie, the sexy exchange student next door, or a Vegas stripper? Whether you like your holiday treats sweet or spicy, there’s something for everyone in Holiday Ever After.

Featuring stories by the Los Angeles Romance Authors (LARA), Holiday Ever After will keep you warm on a chilly winter’s night.

Where you can buy it:
Add it to your shelf on Goodreads

One of fifteen stories, Enjoy this excerpt from My Oktoberfest Escapade by Jewel Quinlan

Lars stopped us again, this time at a hat vendor. There were all kinds of hats. Some were traditional Bavarian ones like Lars’s. They came in green, gray, and brown with all different kinds of trim and decorations on them. Other, less expensive hats were on the comical side and shaped like kegs or mugs. One had beer holders with straws so the wearer could drink as they walked.

“You can’t leave without a souvenir,” Lars said.

I looked up from the stand of felt A-shaped hats I was examining.

He shoved some money and a receipt into his pocket and then presented a hat to me that looked like a full beer mug, complete with froth, and placed it on my head. I held still as he tugged the brim into position and arranged my hair, pulling the light-brown locks forward over my shoulders. He trailed his fingertips down the length of the last cluster of strands, making the base of my scalp tingle. We stood so close I could detect the mild scent of beer on his breath.
The boots I wore had a decent heel on them, but I still had to tilt my head back to meet his gaze. 

“How does it look?”


Our eyes locked, and it was as if time sucked us backward to that day so long ago when we’d said goodbye. It overpowered the world around us, forcing it into the background. All that existed was the two of us. As the longing in his gaze registered, my breath caught. Does he feel the same way I do? I got my answer when his lips pressed down on mine, and he wrapped his arms around me, pulling me tight.

About the Author: 

 Restless by nature, Jewel Quinlan is an avid traveler and has visited sixteen countries so far. Lover of ice cream, dark beer, and red wine she tries to stay fit when she’s not typing madly on her computer concocting another romance novel. In her spare time, she likes to do yoga, hike, learn German, and play with her spoiled Chihuahua, Penny.

For more information about Jewel Quinlan

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A Pre-Order Plus Reader's Choice Nominations

Look what's up for Pre-Order!
In the Flesh

***This standalone was originally part of the 
Lesbian Erotic Contemporary Romance

.99cent Pre-Order @Amazon

Review from Arlyna from Alpha Book Club - 5 Stars all the way! 

 "Holy Hotness. This short story was erotic, sensual and I loved it!!! Who needs cops and robbers, when you have cops and dancers!!!" Click HERE to read the full review and that of the other stories in the Antho

Only .99¢ Pre-Order Price @ Amazon 

And I love, love, love this cover by Emmy Ellis!

Only .99¢ Pre-Order Price @ Amazon 

It's also time for Evernight Publishing's Reader's Choice awards 2016

Nomination Link

The NØ Frat Clause is eligible in the New Adult category as well as the erotic and contemporary divisions, if you feel like nominating. Oh and there's also the fave author category 

Thanks for your support! 

Fresh out of college, Lexi Wideman lands an entry level job at a lucrative recruiting firm. Only six months into her tenure, she’s offered a major promotion—executive assistant to Roger Kent, the company’s coveted corporate headhunter. Older, irresistible, and ruggedly handsome, Roger Kent turns her into a liquid pool of need with just one smoldering glance. But the opportunity is just too good to pass up this early in her career. Lexi must find a way to remain professional while panting after her boss. 

Roger Kent is thrown off guard when the company execs all of a sudden decide he needs an assistant. Perhaps he does, but Lexi Wideman is not the girl for him. She's smart, young, and gorgeous. It's hard enough trying to keep his eyes off her. Working in such close proximity, day after day, it would only be a matter of time before his hands followed.

We know you love Evernight books! Now is the time to let your favorites shine with a nomination. With 31 categories, there are plenty of opportunities to nominate all of your picks. Plus, you will be automatically entered for the chance to WIN a $25 Evernight GC!