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Book Tour + #Giveaway - The Exiled Otherkin - by D. Lieber @AuthorDLieber - Fantasy Romance Adventure Steampunk

The Exiled Otherkin
by D. Lieber
Genre: Fantasy Romance Adventure Steampunk

Exiled from Faerie when her father dies, half-Fae Ember is surprised by how much the human realm has changed since she was there last. She takes a dangerous job on a merchant airship, hoping a life on the move will keep her well-hidden. Sure, she misses her brother, but years of apathy have numbed her emotions.

When the optimistic and naïve Reilley follows her, it’s annoying to say the least. But when she starts feeling responsible for him, long-stifled emotions crack the ice around her heart.
Faeries, pirates, and traveling players meet in this steampunk fantasy adventure as Ember tries to cope with feelings long forgotten and a past that pursues her while balancing new friends and lovers.

D. writes stories she wants to read. Her love of the worlds of fiction led her to earn a Bachelor’s in English from Wright State University.

When she isn’t reading or writing, she’s probably hiking, crafting, watching anime, Korean television, Bollywood, or old movies. She may also be getting her geek on while planning her next steampunk cosplay with friends.

She lives in Wisconsin with her husband (John), retired guide dog (Samwise), and cat (Yin).


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Release Day Blitz - Saving Grace - by Aoife Marie Sheridan @aoifesheri #contemporary #romance

Saving Grace Banner

Blitz: Saving Grace
Author: Aoife Marie Sheridan
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Dates: 22nd of February 
Hosted by: Ultimate Fantasy Book Tours

  Radish Saving Grace


Grace knows that the only way she can survive life is to bury her past.

But nothing stays buried forever...

It’s been two years since she lost so much. Two years since she started a new life, in a new college, with a new group of friends. Two years, and now her troubles are rushing back.

When Derek walks into Grace’s life, he makes her feel things she’d hoped never to feel again. The box she hid all her secrets in is opening, and Grace might not be able to keep it shut this time.

As each of her traumas resurfaces, Grace isn’t sure having Derek at her side is enough to save her. And if he’s not, Grace isn’t sure she’ll come out the other side fully intact.

If you like “The Problem with Forever” by Jennifer L Armentrout or “Hopeless” by Colleen Hoover, then Saving Grace will feed your addiction for a romance with real-life struggles.

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Author Bio:

AoifeUSA Today Bestselling author Aoife Marie Sheridan lives in Ireland, has two leprechauns and a hawthorn tree in her back garden, that she guards day and night against the mischief fairy folk.

When she's off duty she loves to write, read and drink tons of coffee. Oh, and she eats’ lots of chocolate, LOTS of chocolate!

To find out more about Aoife Marie Sheridan you can visit her at:

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Book Tour + #Giveaway - Pandora: Outbreak - by Eric L Harry @EricLHarry1 #scifi #pandemic

PANDORA: Outbreak
by Eric L. Harry
Genre: Science Fiction – pandemic 

Pub Date: 1/23/2018

They call it Pandoravirus. It attacks the brain. Anyone infected may explode in uncontrollable rage. Blind to pain, empty of emotion, the infected hunt and are hunted. They attack without warning and without mercy. Their numbers spread unchecked. There is no known cure.

Emma Miller studies diseases for a living—until she catches the virus. Now she’s the one being studied by the U.S. government and by her twin sister, neuroscientist Isabel Miller. Rival factions debate whether to treat the infected like rabid animals to be put down, or victims deserving compassion. As Isabel fights for her sister's life, the infected are massing for an epic battle of survival. And it looks like Emma is leading the way.

Raised in a small town in Mississippi, Eric L. Harry graduated from the Marine Military Academy in Texas and studied Russian and Economics at Vanderbilt University, where he also got a J.D. and M.B.A. In addition, he studied in Moscow and Leningrad in the USSR, and at the University of Virginia Law School. He began his legal career in private practice in Houston, negotiated complex multinational mergers and acquisitions around the world, and rose to be general counsel of a Fortune 500 company. He left to raise a private equity fund and co-found a successful oil company. His previous thrillers include Arc Light, Society of the Mind, Protect and Defend and Invasion. His books have been published in eight countries. He and his wife have three children and divide their time between Houston and San Diego.

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The second book in the Lustful Possession series DARK FOURSOME is out Now!

The Lustful Possession Series is back and better than ever, with the re-release of the first two books in this haunting collection of short erotic paranormal stories, Meet Me in the Dark and Dark Foursome.

This series is a bit different in that it incorporates several different genres, couplings and characters throughout, from contemporary to historical time-travel and back again, along with m/f and m/m relationships in the same series — breaking all the romance rules. 😉 Well a good many of 'em anyway.

There are seven shorts in all. We hope you'll join us for the ride... one more time

Meet Me in the Dark

There’s nothing in the dark that isn’t there in the light…

Crishtin Davenport thought she was attending a simple Halloween event—a good scare to get the blood pumping. But instead she finds her pulse racing over one of the event’s organizers.

Josh Hewes loves nothing more than investigating paranormal activity, but after meeting Crishtin, the only thing he wants to explore is her.

However, getting to know one another takes an unexpected turn when some randy spirits get in on the act. Crish and Josh are inexplicably drawn into a heady web of desire and want nothing more than to possess each other. But they’re not the only ones.

Be careful what you invite in to play…

This series is a re-release
Warning: This collection of short stories contains m/f and m/m couplings and cliffhangers. Installments must be read in order.

Enjoy an Excerpt:

"I can’t believe you talked me into this, Lana.” Crishtin Davenport, stared up at the spooky façade of the enormous old mansion while her friend Lana parallel parked her late-model VW Bug out front. 

“I knew after I attended the first one of these things it’d be right up your alley,” Lana said, pulling the e-brake. “You’re gonna love this.” 

As they exited the vehicle then walked side-by-side toward the darkened house, thunder rolled in the distance. 

“Sounds like the weather is only going to add to the atmosphere,” Lana said. 

“I haven’t done anything like this since high school,” Crish admitted, tucking her arm through Lana’s. “So how does this work? What do they do, simply sit and wait for some sort of paranormal activity to happen?” 

“The guys kind of walk from room-to-room and invite whatever supernatural entities might be about to make contact.” 

Crish reached up and touched the crucifix on the silver chain around her neck. There was no way she’d even think of going to something like this without it. 

Armed with their flashlights at the ready, they entered the dark abandoned house and met up with another group of thrill-seekers and ghost hunters. 

The moment Crishtin stepped over the threshold, a low vibrating hum started in the soles of her feet and began to work its way up her body. Her spine tingled with anticipation. 

The group assembled listened intently to the lone man addressing them at the bottom of the stairs. 

“Any doubters?” he asked. 

The crowd responded with an assortment of comments. 

“I want you to be open to the possibilities of what may be here in this house, okay, but I also need you to be careful. You don’t want to invite something evil in to play, so protect yourselves. 

“Now what we usually do when we are running a true paranormal investigation is wander the rooms in small groups, usually in pairs. The others wait outside so that we are the only ones in the house. That way, if there are any other sounds, we know right away that it isn’t a living, breathing person that we can hear. 

“But for tonight, since there are so many of us, we may need to go in fours. The probability that we’ll hear each other is quite high, but we can still have a good experience, since the current owner swears the activity in this dwelling is rampant.” 

Crishtin leaned over and whispered in her friend’s ear. “I didn’t think you believed in any of this stuff, Lana?” 

“I don’t. But I believe in him.” With a smile in her voice, Lana pointed the beam of her flashlight straight at the lone speaker. 

He squinted then shaded his eyes. Lana lowered the torch, then sent him a little wave. 

“Ahhh, it all makes sense now,” Crish said. 

“I knew you’d understand.” She giggled. “That’s my Arnie.” 

“Shhht!” Someone from the crowd shushed them. 

Sufficiently chastised, Crishtin mashed her lips together. 

Lana squeezed her hand. “These people are quite serious about the way they do this.” 

“Is there no electricity in this place?” Crish whispered. 

“No, I don’t think so. I suppose it was shut off when the last residents vacated. The current owner doesn’t even live here because of all the strange things that go on.” 

“Did anyone else hear that?” Arnie asked, in hushed tones. Crish tried not to roll her eyes. He was really playing it up. 

The room fell silent. After a few moments passed, several of the onlookers agreed they’d also detected something. 

“For cryin’ out loud,” Crish groaned. Arnie seemed to be laying it on a bit thick. As a believer, she knew he didn’t have to. If spirits wished to come forward and make themselves known, they would. In their own time, in their own way. There was no need to deceive people. It only fed into the conspiracy theories and fraud that abounded in the field and made non-believers scoff at the possibilities. 

“Stop,” Lana chuckled. “Arnie is the founder of the Phenomena Investigators League of America,” Lana explained, her voice low. 

“P I L A,” Crish spelled out. “It’s a pile-a somethin’,” she mumbled under her breath. 

“What?” Lana leaned toward her. 

“Arnie—he’s cute.” Crish rushed to cover up the sarcasm. “In a weird ghost hunter kind of way.” 

“He sure is,” Lana said. 

Arnie slanted his flashlight and aimed it right at Lana and Crishtin. 

“All right, let’s split up. Lana, you come with my group, and we’ll let the novice go with Josh. She’s a bit too talkative to accompany my lot.” 

Blinded by the beam of light, Crishtin snatched at Lana’s arm, but to no avail. “Don’t leave me with these...” 


Crishtin turned and squinted up at the guy to her left as everyone else moved away. “Sooo... you must be Josh.” 

“And you’re the mouthy virgin,” he said, deadpan. 

“Well, I’m mouthy.” She grinned and offered her hand in greeting. “Good to meet you, Josh.” 

He paused, then chuckled, taking her hand. “You, too. Sorry you got stuck with me. All the ladies like to go with Arnie. He’s the rock star at this, and I’m still learning.” 

“So you’re a bit of a virgin too, eh?” 

Josh chortled. “And here I thought this was going to be an uneventful evening.” 
Copyright © 2018 H K Carlton 

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Out Now - Part 2 - Dark Foursome

A foursome takes on a whole new aspect when a fledgling couple comes face to face with the two randy spirits taking over their lives.

Who says the more the merrier?

Is it possible for the human body to recover from supernatural possession?

That’s the question Josh Hewes and Crishtin Davenport grapple with daily as they attempt to rid themselves of two long-dead souls who have taken up semi-permanent residence in their hosts, using their corporeal bodies at whim to carry out their sexual pleasures.

But when Josh jets off to Ireland for a paranormal investigation in one of the most haunted places in Europe, he soon discovers mixing spiritual possession with a malevolently haunted castle can carry grave consequences.

This series is a re-release
Warning: This collection of short stories contains m/f and m/m couplings and cliffhangers. Installments must be read in order.

Buy link:

And coming March 2nd...

The Fall of Cairnnon Castle

Castle Cairnnon—Perhaps not the gate, but the epicenter of hell.

Neve Brádach had always wanted to work with an internationally renowned team of paranormal investigators, so when a U.S. team decides to explore a famous site in her own backyard, Cairnnon Castle, she does everything she can to secure a place on the team.

One of the most haunted places on earth, Cairnnon Castle is home to one of the most malevolent entities ever documented. Bás a thagann, loosely translated it means simply—death comes. When the enthusiastic American troop descends on Neve’s Irish hills, the last thing they expect to do is rile up the evil within.

But Bás takes an immediate interest in one of the American investigators and holds him prisoner within the castle, sapping his strength and will. As Neve and the others rush to find a solution, before another good man loses his soul to the malicious elemental, she discovers the secret that might send Bás a thagann to its own permanent hell.

As Neve verbalizes the words that should free Cairnnon from its most evil resident, the castle crumbles around her, leaving her broken, dying and trapped in the belly of the beast.

Neve is left defenseless to fight it and is forced to suffer a life that is not her own.

Meet the O'Cairnnon's. A fate most do not survive...

This series is a re-release
Warning: This collection of short stories contains m/f and m/m couplings and cliffhangers. Installments must be read in order.

The Lustful Possession Series - Parts 1 thru 7, in order

Part 1 - Meet Me in the Dark
(m/f, paranormal, erotic, contemporary, ghosts, possession)

Crishtin Davenport and newbie paranormal investigator, Josh Hewes are drawn into a heady web of desire when two overactive spirits take possession of their unwitting bodies, and use them at their whim.

Part 2 - Dark Foursome
(m/f, paranormal, erotic, contemporary, ghosts, possession)

A foursome takes on a whole new aspect when a fledgling couple comes face to face with the two randy spirits taking over their lives.

Part 3 - The Fall of Cairnnon Castle

(m/f, time-travel, Ireland, historical, paranormal, dark erotic, verging on horror)

A team of paranormal investigators descend on one of the most haunted castles in all of Ireland. One of the renowned international scientists—unearths the secret behind the evil that haunts Cairnnon Castle but before she can divulge her findings, the castle crumbles, trapping her and the elemental, within.

Meet the O'Cairnnon's. A fate most do not survive.

Coming Soon...

Part 4 - Rising From the Darkness

(m/m, paranormal, erotic, contemporary)

Part 5 - Dark Seed
(paranormal, erotic, contemporary, m/f story with m/m interaction)

Part 6 - Bending Darkness
(m/f, paranormal, erotic, time-travel, historical)

The stunning conclusion - Part 7 - Dark Defeat
(paranormal, dark erotic, time-travel, historical, an m/f story with f/f and m/f/f interaction)

The Lustful Possession Series at:

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Book Tour + #Giveaway - The Poppy McGuire Mysteries Series - by Anina Collins #CozyMystery

The Eleventh Hour
Poppy McGuire Mysteries Book 1
by Anina Collins
Genre: Cozy Mystery
196 pages

Poppy McGuire has always been a curious soul, but it's her life that's usually the topic of conversation in the small town of Sunset Ridge. But now one of the town's most important citizens has been found murdered, and everyone's life is suspect. 

What begins as a friendly wager with her old friend Officer Derek Hampton soon becomes far more for Poppy, and she turns to Alex Montero for help, but the enigmatic former Baltimore cop's quiet way hides as many secrets as each suspect they encounter. 

Everyone in Sunset Ridge has something to hide, but Poppy and Alex are determined to uncover the identity of the murderer. They just have to watch that they don't become the next victims. 

After Hours
Poppy McGuire Mysteries Book 2
202 pages

While life in Sunset Ridge is quaint and charming during the day, what happens after the sun goes down might shock the citizens of this small town. Things are heating up in Poppy McGuire's home town, and it isn't just the July weather. 

Poppy and her new partner Alex have their eyes opened to the realities of Sunset Ridge after dark when a traveling salesman is murdered in his room at the Hotel Piermont, a common destination for cheating spouses on the outskirts of town. When they find out what he sells, the mystery gets even more interesting. 

Top of the Hour
Poppy McGuire Mysteries Book 3
204 pages

Controversy sells as much as sex, and nobody knows that better than the local radio morning DJ who loves to talk politics. His shows enrage people, but who hated Lee Reynolds enough to shoot him point blank and leave him for dead in the woods outside of town?

Poppy and Alex have no shortage of suspects and for once aren't at odds on who they like for the crime. But all is not well between the partners. This time, murder has brought with it a new love interest for Poppy, but Alex isn't happy with this turn of events. 

Will he lose Poppy, the one person he trusts in Sunset Ridge? 

The Darkest Hour
Poppy McGuire Mysteries Book 4
210 pages

Poppy and Alex come up against their toughest case yet, and they may never be the same again.

When someone close to both Poppy and Alex is found brutally murdered, all the clues point to Alex as the killer. But Poppy knows in her heart that her partner could never commit such a heinous crime. As the evidence begins to mount against him, Poppy must race against the clock to prove that the man she trusts with her very life isn’t the murderer, even as everyone around her is convinced of his guilt.

But if Alex isn’t the killer, who is? As the mystery unravels, the past and present finally meet in Sunset Ridge.

Happy Hour
Poppy McGuire Mysteries Book 5
266 pages

Poppy and Alex are back for another mystery in Happy Hour, the fifth book in the Poppy McGuire Mystery Series!

Springtime brings warm weather and murder to Sunset Ridge, and for Poppy, this particular case strikes close to home.

Antiques dealer Marcus Tyne is found dead in the front seat of his friend’s car outside of McGuire’s after a Cinco de Mayo celebration, but at first glance, there’s no reason why he’s dead.

Until the coroner finds out he’s been poisoned.

When a second man is poisoned, Poppy and Alex are thrust into a mystery that threatens to tear them apart. While they struggle to solve the case as their differences become more apparent, a murderer walks free in Sunset Ridge and may have another victim in their sights.

The Witching Hour
Poppy McGuire Mysteries Book 6
207 pages

In the middle of a late summertime heatwave, a woman Poppy interviewed for an article on paganism is found with a dagger buried in her chest in the woods out near Alex's house. Initially, Stephen and Craig are given the case, but when Derek determines that this murder shouldn't be their first big case together, Alex and Poppy are brought in to help.

But Stephen has never liked Poppy, and tensions quickly begin to run high between the two sets of partners. The Sunset Ridge police force can't afford to have infighting if they want to solve this case before a fear of witches takes hold in town.

It doesn't take long before everyone reaches their breaking point and Alex wonders if he will be a Sunset Ridge police officer for much longer. Life is about to change for him and Poppy, but will that change mean the end of his time in town?

The Finest Hour
Poppy McGuire Mysteries Book 7

Join Poppy and Alex for the final Poppy McGuire mystery!

For three years, Poppy and Alex have worked together solving cases in their small town of Sunset Ridge, first as just co-workers but later as partners in nearly every sense of the word. Now they're about to take the final step and become husband and wife, but in the midst of getting ready for what folks around town are calling the wedding of the year, the murder of someone involved in the preparations makes their plans go awry. 

Samuel Morrow, the kind man who has run Morrow's Jewelers for over twenty years, is found murdered in an apparent break-in, and there's no shortage of suspects who may have had a reason to kill him. Oddly enough, something very valuable to Poppy and Alex is missing from his store too. Is the theft connected to the murder? 

As they hunt for Samuel's killer, carefully eliminating suspect after suspect, they must juggle cake tastings and reception planning, as all the while someone's watching their favorite amateur sleuth. Will Poppy and Alex solve the case and reach the altar, or will the killer make their ever after far less than happy? 

Anina Collins has always loved a good mystery. As a child, her favorite books were Nancy Drew books passed down from her grandmother, and as she grew up, she moved on to Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and their famous detectives. She currently lives in North Carolina and writes her Poppy McGuire Mystery series.

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Cover Reveal + #Giveaway - Bloom [The Order Series 1] by Nikki Rae - Contemporary Adult Dark Romance

The Order Series 1
by Nikki Rae
Genre: Adult Dark Contemporary Romance

Given to The Grimm Order as an infant, Fawn was raised in a world shaped by the rich and powerful. When she was sold at the age of nine to a Suitor, Fawn believed he would protect her from the “Mainworld”, where those who know nothing about the Order live. Living with the cruel man who bought her freedom, she finds just what the Order is about: money, control, and status for the Owner and humiliation and abuse for those they own. 

Unwilling to accept the expectations of being Owned, Fawn goes from golden girl to maid, content to live in the shadows of the Order as long as she isn’t Owned again.

It’s been ten years since she disgraced her former Owner’s name, and now the brooding Frenchman Elliot Lyon wants her. Master Lyon is kind, smart, and unlike any man she’s met. She doesn’t want to admit it to herself, but Fawn is drawn to him despite constantly planning her next escape. 

Even the prettiest flowers have thorns, and Master Lyon is hiding secrets that will uproot everything she thinks she knows about him. 

Nikki Rae is an independent author who lives in New Jersey. She explores human nature through fiction, concentrating on making the imaginary as real as possible. Her genres of choice are mainly dark, scary, romantic tales, but she’ll try anything once. When she is not writing, reading, or thinking, you can find her spending time with animals, drawing in a quiet corner, or studying people. Closely.