Sunday, 13 November 2016

Pre-Order Now Only .99¢ In the Flesh - Now a stand-alone, previously part of the Ladies Only Anthology

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Check out that cover! Isn't it gorgeous!

Cover by Emmy Ellis at Pride Publishing

This story is part of the Ladies Only Anthology, 
now available as a stand-alone

Check out this awesome Review from Arlyna 

Holy Hotness. This short story was erotic, sensual and I loved it!!! Who needs cops and robbers, when you have cops and dancers!!!

ATF Agent Kathrin Benson is sent undercover with her partner Mike to help take down a huge Mob Boss. All they are told is that other government agencies are involved. Some so deep they have been undercover for years.

Getting hired at a dance bar (Strip Club) owned by Mr Travino the mob boss, allows Kate opportunity to get Intel. While working she falls for the main dancer, Carly, who is also the one in charge of all the dancers and girls at the bar. Carly is the only dancer who doesn't get naked on stage , but brings in the biggest crowd.

One of the dancers is quickly replaced with Kate for a huge dance number with Carly. They have one day to practice. The chemistry is off the charts and the dance practice is so hot!

I want so much more!!! I pray that the rest of H.K. Carlton 's work is like this.

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This review was done for the antho

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Lesbian, Erotic, Romance

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