Wednesday, 4 July 2018

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I'm fortunate to be in two of these anthos
Sacred & Profane: Priest Erotic Romance
Love & Lust in Space  

Sin Bin
H K Carlton

(mf, erotic, romance)

When Daunté Bennifetto left to attend seminary, he never intended to return to the small town he’d grown up in, but it would seem God had other plans. After Father Eton’s sudden death, Daunté finds himself in charge of his childhood parish and all of its parishioners, including Camillah Lima, the woman he can’t seem to forget.

The wild, spirited girl he remembers hasn’t changed a bit, headlining at a club as an exotic dancer.

When Camillah’s mother asks Daunté to intervene, he can’t seem to stay away. Night after night Father Bennifetto finds himself worshiping at Cammie's feet, in a club appropriately named, the Sin Bin.

Also includes stories from:
Torrance Sené (editor),

Naughty Nauts
H K Carlton 

(mfm, sci-fi, erotic, romance)

Astronauts Sawyer Hatcher and Bennedict Scott have just set the record for consecutive days in space.

It's Jessa MacArdle's job to observe their day-to-day condition. Living in microgravity can take a toll on not only the body but also the mind. As their time on the ISS lengthens both nauts begin to exhibit strange quirks never before documented, including inappropriate sexual innuendo, which is directed straight at Jess.

But Jessa has no delusions. The majority of side-effects dissipate once gravity is restored. Besides, there was no way, two such formidable men, would give a full-figured girl like her a second glance, let alone make good on the dark and delicious promises, made over an innocuous wall of monitors.

Also includes stories from:
Jennifer Denys (editor)

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